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A re-emergence of unusual experiences in a mild form, increased suspiciousness or changes in feelings or behaviour might be a sign that you (or your friend or relative) is becoming less well.

Generally, a re-emergence of psychosis symptoms is a late sign.

But earlier warning signs may be harder to separate from ordinary variations in life, and it’s easy to get worried unnecessarily. After all, we all have periods where we feel upset or worried, or when we struggle at school or work. If problems like this last longer than a few weeks, they may be more significant.

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Too much worry and stress is not helpful for anyone. If you’re worried about an early change, talk to someone, like a friend, relative, or your EIP team. It is likely your team will work with you to understand triggers and early warning signs for becoming less well.

It's generally a good idea for friends and family to be involved too, as they can help you identify early warning signs.

 Generally, a re-emergence of psychosis symptoms is a late sign.