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Meet the EIP Teams in your area

Meet the Hampshire Teams

North Hampshire

Photo of the North Hampshire EIP team

In the photo:
Neil G – Support Time Recovery Worker
Elsie C – Student Nurse (Moved on to another Team to complete Studies)
Rebekah W – Support Time Recovery Worker and Nurse Apprentice
Jing L – Nurse & Care Coordinator
Chloe W - Clinical Psychologist
Donna NF – Mental Health Nurse & Care Coordinator
Mike K – Mental Health Nurse & Care Coordinator

Rebekah W

Hello, I’m Rebekah I am a STR Worker (Support Time and Recovery) within the team. I work part time within EIP and I also study part time. I am studying to be a mental health nurse and I am now going into my second year of studying (scary, I know!!). When I’m not studying (although this does not leave much free time) I enjoy spending time with my family and friends back in Devon. I enjoy cooking and baking. I love trying new foods and creating new recipes, my family and friends would probably tell you how I shouldn’t bother as it doesn’t always go to plan (oops). I look forward to meeting you soon :)

Elsie C

Hi am Elsie. I am a Mental health Student nurse currently working with EIP. When I'm not drowning in uni work, I enjoy going out with my friends such as going to see artists that might be performing, being with my family, travelling and listening to music and podcasts . However, most of the time I do love staying in bed watching all the Real housewives shows out there.

Neil G

I’m Neil. Born and raised in South Africa. I love wildlife photography and enjoy making my own Biltong when I get a chance.

East Hampshire

In the photo:

Nicola H – Carers Peer Support Worker

Abi T – Social Worker & Care Coordinator

Jason L – Support Worker

Hannah D – Social Worker & Care Coordinator

Kerry E – Team Leader

Jess C – Mental Health Nurse & Care Coordinator

Alex S – Mental Health Nurse & Care Coordinator

Cally J

Hi I’m Cally, I am an STR worker in the team and I am also studying to be a mental health nurse. When I’m not studying (although this does not leave much free time) I enjoy spending time with my family, socialising with friends, going for nice walks and listening to music. I am the resident spider catcher in my house and I like to think I’m brave, although if there’s a moth or a wasp flying around I run in the opposite direction!! :)

Sandra P

Hello my name is Sandra and I have worked with EIP for the last 6 months. I returning to the team following previously working her in 2011 prior to a service redevelopment. I feel very passionate about the work EIP undertake and the importance of working with family and friends involved in the lives of the people we work with. I also enjoy the opportunity to go out in the wider community in an effort to highlight the amazing work EIP does. There continues to be so much research in this area of mental health which even after 25 years working as a Mental Health Nurse continues to provide me with new skills and opportunities to learn. Outside my work I participate in Amateur Dramatics, enjoying a wonderful trip to Oz earlier this year, playing the ‘Scarecrow’. I love to walk my black Labrador, 'Guinness', who, on occasion, has been able to meet some of the great people I work with.

Kerry E - Team Leader

Hello I am Kerry Elliott, Team Leader for the EIP Team. I am trained as an Occupational Therapist (OT) and have worked in mental health for almost 25 years, initially as an OT, then as a care co-ordinator, and for the last few years as a Team Leader. Most of my time is spent supporting the team to provide the best possible care that we can and trying to find ways to improve the service. We would welcome your suggestions with this and I am more than happy to meet you.

Outside work I love going to the gym and walking dogs I meet via borrowmydoggy.com.

Jess M - Mental Health Nurse

Hello I am Jess (Jess M as there are two Jess’s in the team). I am a mental health nurse and care coordinator within EIP. I completed my mental health nurse degree in London and graduated in 2010. I worked at the Maudsley hospital and Bethlem Hospital before moving back to the south coast in 2012 where I worked as a nurse at the Mother and Baby Unit; before working in the Community Mental Health Team based at Parkway. I have worked within EIP since October 2016. I support my clients and their families in many aspects of their lives to make their fullest recovery. I work part time; and enjoy spending time with my family and friends; and our two children when I'm not at work. I also enjoy going to the cinema, eating out and we particularly love feeding the animals at the farm. I have a dog; and we love going on adventures together in the woods and at the seaside.

Alex S - Mental Health Nurse

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m a Mental Health Nurse in the EIP team in East Hampshire. I work as a Care Coordinator which involves looking at the whole person and their needs in their recovery journey; I support them through a range of interventions including psychological wellbeing, family and relationship support, engagement with vocation/employment/education, and treatment choices. In my current role I have been given some time away from my day job to study Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) at the University of Southampton with the aim of enrolling on a Postgraduate Diploma programme to study CBT for Psychosis. Through my studies and putting the skills learnt into practice in therapy sessions I have gained an understanding of the benefits of a cognitive-behavioural approach to treating symptoms associated with anxiety and depression and am starting to apply this to my work with EIP clients. I really enjoy my job, it’s a privilege getting to know our service users and their families, supporting them through what can be a difficult time; we have a great team of passionate practitioners who really care about the work we do. In my spare time I like to relax by spending time with my family and friends, dog-walking and going to see live music. I also like the outdoors and enjoy (fine weather!) camping and exploring!

Hannah D - Social Worker

Hi, my name is Hannah and I’m a Social Worker in the Early Intervention Psychosis Team. There are two Social Workers in the team and we are Care Co-ordinators for patients. The role of a Care Co-ordinator is to manage the care and support of a patient. This can be support with medication, therapy, employment and education, housing and many more aspects of a person’s life to support them with their recovery.

I have worked in the team for over two years, and really enjoy my job and working with patients, families and the team! In my spare time, I love listening to music and going to gigs and festivals.

Nicola H- Carer Peer Support Worker

Hi there.

My name is Nicola Howell and I am a Carer Peer Support Worker working with the Early Intervention in Psychosis team based in Havant.

I offer support to carers and relatives of people using our services.

My lived experience of caring for my eldest son when he suffered from psychosis a few years ago gives me an understanding of how difficult it can be to manage at home, to know how to support your loved one, and to understand the care offered by the service.

I work four days each week and meet carers in the community, visiting local coffee shops, and always have time for a chat.

Meet the Oxfordshire and Berkshire teams


In the photo:

Amy Chevis-Bruce: Senior mental health practitioner

Leigh-Ann Corcoran: Senior mental health practitioner

Camilla Sowerby: Pharmacist

Nermin Murat: Clinical Psychologist (has now left position)

Kirsty Barrett: Senior mental health practitioner

Katharine MacKinnon: Clinical Psychologist

Heidi Jackson: Senior mental health practitioner

Rachel Francis: EIP lead for West Berkshire

Rosemary Mushore: Senior mental health practitioner

Jacqui Short: EIP lead for Reading

Irene Deen: Senior mental health practitioner

Sarah Hansen: Senior mental health practitioner

Tinashe Dunira: Support and recovery worker

Cheryl Lambourn: Senior mental health practitioner

Morrison: Senior mental health practitioner (has now left position)

Oxfordshire team

In the photo:

Back row, left to right:

Emmy Goodby, clinical psychologist

Nayaab Iqbal, support worker

Rebecca Walker, care coordinator

Lyndsay Wilkinson, psychological therapist

Sarah Adekunle, care coordinator

Anne Dupre, care coordinator

Wendy Stark, care coordinator

Carl Beasley, care coordinator

Sean O'Mahoney, deputy team leader

Front row, left to right:

Jessica Lewis, assistant psychologist

Helen Smee, care coordinator

Vicki Smith, care coordinator

Stacie Hill, care coordinator

Meet the Manchester teams

Trafford Team

In the photo:

(Standing left to right)

Tristan Brown: Trainee GP

Henry Allberry: Medical Student

Katherine Edwards: Care-co/Occupational Therapist

Laura MacConnell: Care coordinator

Andrew Green: Care coordinator

Rory Allott: Clinical Psychologist (clinical lead)

Jodie Whitehead: Care coordinator

Lizzie Jackson: Trainee Advanced Practitioner

Michelle Hughes: Administrator

(Sitting left to right)

Emily Mountain: Consultant Psychiatrist

Clem Farrington: Care coordinator

Mel Kearns: Care coordinator

Anne Knowles: Administrator

Salford Team

In the photo:

(Standing left to right)

Isabel Ellory: Consultant

Scott Hardcastle: Care coordinator

Karen Whiting: Care coordinator

Anthony Critchley: Care coordinator

Phoebe Docherty: Student Social Worker

Helen Ward: Psychological Therapist

James Bancroft: Doctor

(Sitting from left to right)

Amanda Jepson: Care coordinator

Joe Burston: Carers STR worker

Jessica Gidley: Assistant Practitioner

Kathleen Baess: Clinical Psychologist

North Team

Alex Hendry: Care coordinator

Annabel Day: Care coordinator

Cathy Pettitt: Care coordinator

David Furnival: Care coordinator

Helen Durdy: Care coordinator

Jack Bentley: Care coordinator

Konstantina Tzigkou: Care coordinator

Louise Morton: Care coordinator

Rachel Dootson: Care coordinator

Rebecca Aspinall: Care coordinator

Robert Briggs: Care coordinator

Shereen Weekes: Care coordinator

Meet the London team

In the photo

Paul Tomlin: Assistant Psychologist

Orla Magee: Care coordinator

Camille Wratten: Core trainee

Luis Alemeda: Consultant Psychiatrist

Lucy Oates: Care Coordinator

Marta Di Forti; Consultant Psychiatrist

Daniel Langley: Care Coordinator

Jonathan Bradley: Clinical Psychologist

Georgina Rodgers: Occupational Therapist

Emma Borthwick: Occupational Therapist

Jose Ariff: Advanced Practitioner

Alfie the Dog (visiting for the day)

Meet the Norfolk team

Great Yarmouth and Waveney Team

In the photo:

(Standing, left to right)
Marie Cheeseman - Senior Clinical Administrator
Abbey Rockett - Mental Health Nurse / Care Coordinator
Charlotte White - Clinical Team Leader
Lisa Fahey - Clinical Nurse Specialist
Annie smith - Receptionist
Danielle Wilson - Research Assistant
John Champeney - Core Trainee in Psychiatry
Luke Tarmey - Assistant Psychologist
Daniel Amaka-Maidoh - Speciality Doctor in Psychiatry
Ben Bell - Senior Social Worker / Care Coordinator

(Sitting, left to right)
Christine Holland - Management Support Administrator
Sophie Traves-Bolton - Mental Health Nurse / Care Coordinator
Uju Ugochukwu - Consultant Psychiatrist
Frances Irwin - Clinical Psychologist
Felicity Leighton - Senior Social Worker / Care Coordinator
Gary Walker - Patient and Public Involvement Lead

(At front, left to right)
Caroline Rouse - Mental Health Nurse / Care Coordinator
Ian Steward-Anderson - Senior Social Worker / Care Coordinator

Not in the photo:
Adam Aldous - Psychological Therapist
Avril Crisp - Clinical Team Administrator
Catherine Gray - Vocational Worker